Set de Born and Set de Gotic

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Restaurant Set de Born / L’Altre Set de Born / Set de Gòtic

Category: Mediterranean cuisine / Catalan cuisine / Tapas

Location: El Born and El Gòtic

Set de Born

c/ Esparteria, 7  (map)

93 319 35 31

Tuesday closed


Set de Gòtic

c/ Montsió, 5  (map)

93 301 53 08

Sunday closed


Price: 20-30 euros/persona



Set de Gotic Barcelona



From my point of view, one of the best places to eat tapas, jamón and cheeses while eating a good salad and drinking good wine. We already know that Barcelona is not like Madrid and Granada, where the tapas come and go at a very affordable price. In Barcelona this thing does not exist. Here, if you want tapas, you usually will have to pay for it. Not a huge amount of money, of course, but it’s gonna be a well priced meal. Next to most of the main attractions of the city, you can find restaurants that will offer expensive tapas for poor quality. But, restaurants Set de Born and Set de Gòtic, offer very good quality tapas and Catalan cuisine and varied salads at a very good price, being located in popular places such as the Born or Gòtic.

The menu includes tapas, antipasti, salads, carpaccio, toast, cold cut, jamón, cheeses, pates and desserts. It is ideal for a small group of 4-5 people,  and share informally several dishes while enjoying good jamón.

You must go early to avoid the queues, because these restaurants are always crowded.

The three restaurants are decorated the same way, so rustic and informal. But the Set de Gòtic is located next to the famous restaurant Els 4 gats and the owners have kept the beautiful architecture of the building and the premises. Once you enter, you can see the counter filled with meats and cheese (always cut and served at last moment, which makes the product much more good). The service is informal, but very nice and attentive.

And just the last thing, take a look at their website, they do special offers for groups.

Totally recommended!

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