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July 5th, 2011 | Posted by jumpintothepool in 36-50 Euros | Catalan cuisine | El Raval | Restaurant

Category: Mediterranean cuisine / Catalan cuisine

Location: El Raval

Carrer Junta de comerç 28 (map)

93 412 62 21
Price: 40-50 euros per person

Restaurant located in the heart of El Raval. I liked the decor (very minimalist, but very homemade). they also have good music and the waiters are nice people. The menu is fine. They define it as a Catalan and Mediterranean menu, but the truth is that you can find from ham croquettes (7.90 euros / 4 croquettes) to Thai wok noodles with vegetables (8-9 euros). The second dishes are a bit more expensive. His specialty is the deer and costs about 15 euros.
So far, my objective criticism. As for my experience, I think the food was not exceptional considering the price I paid. I found it a restaurant with pretensions (as an example, my Thai noodles were quite salty and the duck was nervous and I had to leave most of it). Maybe it was just bad luck, but anyway, I think the value – price relation is disproportionate. And like in most restaurants of this city, the account increases when you order wine, dessert and/or coffee. It is also one of those places where the waiter brings you some bread, you think “oh, what a nice detail” and then they charge you 3 euros for bread and cutlery.

Ok… I should say that they have this good review from The New York Times:

La Biblioteca Barcelona

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