Buoni e cattivi

July 5th, 2011 | Posted by jumpintothepool in 20-35 Euros | Gótic | Italian restaurant

Category: Italian cuisine – pizza and pasta

Location: El Gòtic

c/ Amargós, 13 (map)


Price: 15-25 euros

It’s a cute and authentic Italian restaurant in El Gòtic. Pizzas and pasta from 9 to 15 euros. You  will meet quite a lot of tourists there, but it is logic, since the New York Times published an article about the restaurant titled “The best pizzas in Barcleona”. I do not know if these are the best, but it is true that they are very good.
The decor is all white and rural. They have the typical area where you see how the cookers prepare the pizzas in a wood fire.
The service is also good. No complaints. Consider call and make a reservation before going.




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